How the Process Works


When you are ready to start creating your very own custom hockey jerseys, fill out the form below.
We ship you a color swatch and assign you a designer that will work with you until your design is approved by you.

Getting help with your ordering process is as easy as reaching out to us.


Some people don’t really fancy themselves as artistic. You can choose one of our ready to go patterns and just send us your logos and sponsor’s logos. Let us amaze you with our ideas of a unique custom hockey jersey. Or if you are artistic, send us your images and our designer will get your proofs ready.


When you are satisfied that we have exactly what you want, give us the approval. We will prepare an invoice for your custom hockey jerseys. Simply pay it and your designs are sent over to our manufacturing plant for processing.


We thoroughly inspect every piece by hand prior to shipping your custom hockey jerseys. Your order will be shipped once we are satisfied that everything is good.

What to Expect

Start the Process

We don’t like surprises and hope you don’t either. You need the color swatch because colors on various computer screens are not necessarily the same color as when printed on material.

When you order 10 or more jerseys, a color swatch and a personal designer are free. Otherwise, creating your Custom Hockey Jerseys starts off with a payment of $35.00*.

This will cover the cost of sending you a color swatch and the cost of your very own designer.

We only have 3 prices for custom hockey jerseys.

$49.95 each

Your full design on 100% of the jersey

$39.95 each

Save 20%, 3″ All Black Hockey Sticks logo on the bottom

$35.00 each

Save 30%, 7″ All Black Hockey Sticks logo on the bottom


add socks $12.50 pair

when added to your Jersey order, otherwise $15.00

Custom Hockey Jerseys Prices

Get Started

Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ below to let us know if you are ready to get started or whether you just have questions.

If ready, we will gather your design information to get your design started.

Ready To Go Examples

Start with a Classic

suggested locations for sponsor logos have been added to these examples

custom hockey jerseys
custom hockey jerseys
custom hockey jerseys

Start with Basic Home/Away Colors

Colors are up to you. These are just examples

Home & Away

Home & Away

Home & Away

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